The Founder’s Message

At ADWAR, our mission is simple yet profound: to create awareness through edutainment. We aspire to engage, enlighten, and empower our audience through a captivating blend of drama, interactive storytelling, movie-making, theatre shows, and innovative leadership programs.

With a keen focus on Arab culture, values,  and  heritage,  we  aim to spark curiosity, provoke  thoughtful  discussions,  and inspire positive change. Our drama club is a hub for creative minds to collaborate, explore, and bring stories to life. Our interactive storytelling experiences transport you to enchanting  worlds while delivering valuable insights. Through movie-making, we capture stories that resonate and leave a lasting  impact. Our theatre shows are a celebration of  artistry and thought provocation. Our leadership programs instill skills that drive the change-makers of tomorrow.

Our journey is fueled by a passionate team of artists, educators, and visionaries who share a common goal: to make learning engaging and entertainment-enlightening. Through ADWAR, we invite you to join us in this inspiring adventure.

Explore our website, engage with our content, and be part of a community that values both education and entertainment. Together, we can amplify awareness, foster understanding, and cultivate a brighter future through the power of edutainment.

Zeina Jbeili Zerbe