The Founder

Zeina Jbeili Zerbe is a Lebanese French entrepreneur with a track record of achievements in Media and Arts. With a background in Journalism, Marketing & Sales and a 22 year experience in the Media industry in the GCC and Europe, Zeina has established strategic partnerships with local and international organizations and worked closely with various renowned artists in Arts, Theater and Music.

Following her tenure in DUCTAC Dubai, Dubai Community Theater & Art Centre, Zeina founded ADWAR in 2016 offering a unique and exceptional opportunity to enhance Children Arabic language skills in the fun and educational angle of Theater. A showcase of her passion in Arts, Media and Theater, ADWAR program includes classes, shows, workshops that have proven to improve not only Arabic but also Children’s self-expression, confidence and cultural knowledge.

The Tutors

Rita Farchakh, a child educator with a love for performing since childhood, joined Adwar 3 years ago as a Drama teacher to share her passion and knowledge with the children. She conducted several drama workshops and participated in writing many children plays.

Eliane el Tromb Eliane el Tromb, an actress and theater professor, with a background in child education, has been performing and taking the stage since her childhood. She joined Adwar 3 years ago as a Drama teacher and creative director.