The Program

ADWAR’s Arabic ACTING is a program for children and teens interested in developing a strong foundation in acting craft. Our mission is to help students to improve their Arabic language and teach them how to achieve uniquely honest and truthful performances in all acting media, while also promoting self-confidence, self-discipline, individuality, and creativity in a nurturing environment.

All classes in our curriculum explore the creative process and help young people develop skills in teamwork and leadership, while also fine-tuning the craft that develops exceptional actors.

Acting Courses

Students train in this technique to develop the actor’s ability to respond with real behavior
to imaginary circumstances.
The first part of each class begins with relaxation techniques and then moves to sense memory exercises. The second part of each class is devoted to improvisation, scene work, and
monologues. The sensory exercises and monologue/scene work continue to become more challenging with each Young Actor’s progress, length of study, and experience.

We will help them develop basic vocal techniques and work towards developing a voice that can be clearly understood and inspire imagination, and emotions. Class work includes breathing, stretching, relaxation, and articulation.

Students gain a general understanding of what mime was in the past and what it is in today’s
theatre and begin to learn the physical and dramatic skills that provide a strong foundation for mime work. The class curriculum includes specialized movement skills, physicalization of emotion, and stylization techniques

This class is focused on developing the actor’s ability to act at the moment based on given
circumstances. Students analyze the Who, What, Where, and When of a scene as they gain trust in their choices. Students learn to become more spontaneous and better listeners while developing the ability to make unique choices for a scripted scene.

The actor himself is his own instrument. Through various exercises, students are taught the proper techniques to use their instruments more efficiently and less habitually in their acting. This is taught in order to embody the character physically, in compliment to the
technique of embodying the character mentally and emotionally in their Method Acting classes. Topics of focus will include how one’s body can guide the actor to a fuller understanding of the human experience and to express each actor’s individual sense of truth.

It’s the end of the school year! The CLOSURE cements the experience of the year, and positive memories have an effect on the children’s attitude. We will be working on the End of Year Play throughout the course term.

Class Schedule

Arabic Drama

Thursdays at 5 pm (Age group 5 to 7 years)
Saturdays at 5 pm (Age group 8 to 11years
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