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Happiness and tolerance take center stage ADWAR presents AL SAADA Arabic drama workshop for children United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 1st of February 2019: ADWAR, a cultural center that aims at enhancing Arabic language skills among children through drama and theatrical expressions, is proud to announce the launch of Al Saada drama play/workshop for children between 6 and 10 years of age, in line with the announcement of the UAE Government of 2019 as the Year of Tolerance. Playing across various schools starting April 14 th 2019, Al Saada, which means “Happiness” in English, is a 45 minutes play/workshop performed in a simple literary Arabic (Modern Standard), and
emphasizes body language and facial expressions, to make the content more accessible to young children. It revolves around the theme of tolerance, acceptance of others and adoption of a positive mindset, while tackling sensitives subjects such as challenges that children in the UAE face every day.
“We noticed that many children these days seek happiness in the wrong places. We also noticed that many Arab expats children face difficulties expressing themselves in Arabic. Our workshop highlights these social issues and offers children tips and tools to help them find the true meaning of happiness and how to be more tolerant, in a fun, edutaining way, using modern standard Arabic” said Zeina Jbeili Zerbe, founder of ADWAR.
The story of Al Saada takes place one afternoon in a public park and highlights the different
perspectives of the two main characters, Farah and Dalal in their pursuit of happiness.
With the help of the young audience, the two friends will figure out that happiness is a choice that starts from within, from being tolerant, understanding, respectful and appreciative of others.
“We are very excited to start the roadshow in April and look forward to engaging and interactive sessions with the kids” concluded Zerbe
ADWAR introduces theatre in its various cultural and entertaining aspects and offers open
enrolment classes for acting and theatrical performances in Arabic language.

Inspired by the vision of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make the UAE a center of excellence for the Arabic language, ADWAR is a cultural center established with the
purpose of contributing to the enhancement of the Arabic language skills of the children whose age is between 5 and 14 and encouraging them to practice the Arabic language in their daily life.
ADWAR introduces the theatre in its various cultural and entertaining aspects and offers open
enrolment classes for acting and theatrical performances in Arabic language. We play an essential role in every child’s life, helping them in the development of their self-esteem, building their ability to focus and gain exceptional communication skills while developing their imagination and creativity.

ADWAR represents our collective mission to instill the love for their country and the pride of their original culture in the hearts of the children, through using their native language in drama and

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